London landlords and property owners can depend on us for guaranteed rent

A guaranteed rent scheme, from a trusted provider, is one of the best ways to make a consistent income off of your property. Rental properties in London are booming and demand has risen sharply, meaning that there is a wealth of tenants out there looking to make this grand city their home. In central London especially, the demand is high and any property owner has a wealth of tenants to choose from. Both foreign and domestic clients are looking for homes across the capital and landlords who are utilising buy-to-let to make money are reaping the rewards.

Guaranteed rent works in a simple way: You sign your property up to your chosen scheme for a certain period of time, for us it is between one and ten years, and you are paid rent on time, every month. Leasing your property with us allows you to reap the rewards of a constant income of rent without necessarily having a tenant. We take care of everything required within the property, from providing proper maintenance to caring for the tenant. At the beginning of every month, you can be assured that you will have your rent delivered exactly on time. We understand that this scheme can seem too good to be true and some companies are untrustworthy. Not us: We are perhaps the foremost guaranteed rent company in the capital as we work closely with many local councils and boroughs including Islington, Enfield, Hackney, City of Westminster and Waltham Forest councils, amongst many others across the capital. This ensures that you can trust us completely with administering a guaranteed rent scheme for your property.

Many properties can guarantee from this scheme, from flats to houses with multiple occupation. This, in particular, makes it useful for landlords who have a sprawling portfolio of mixed properties. We understand that finding a tenant can be difficult and, with the market as swamped as it is with tenants, finding the best tenant is a difficult task. However, we will deal with tenants fully, completing everything from viewings to reference checks, and offering a complete property, block or estate management service throughout the entire term without charging you any management fees. It is in our best interest to have the property filled as soon as possible, which means we will offer the best and quickest possible service. Signing up to our guaranteed rent scheme can see you making the most of the boom that is occurring within the London housing rental market, so do not delay in hiring our expertise!