There’s no place happier than Richmond

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Happiness is vital

Back in October 2017, Rightmove announced that Richmond upon Thames gained the honour of being London’s happiest place to live for the third year in a row. Naturally, the Borough is rich, and it typically helps the happiness stakes to have a few prosperous inhabitants. Although, the survey usually discovers that people prefer their boroughs to enjoy a decent flow of investment and have a sense of place. They must also include a sufficient amount of affordable homes to offer youngsters the opportunity to buy.

What makes Richmond stand out?

Right now, you’re probably wondering what it is that makes locals so happy. In the Happy at Home investigation, Rightmove ranked happiness on 12 essential elements. Some of the most crucial of these were the quality of local services, how friendly the neighbours were, and the area’s safety.

Richmond is home to a multitude of green spaces, like Richmond Park, which is famous for its deer herds. Additionally, there are excellent shops, pubs, and restaurants, thoughtful neighbours, picturesque views of the river, and wonderful transport links. With all of this, it was always a given that the Borough would receive high scores.

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