New high quality affordable housing is on its way

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In March, the Hainault council converted a garage site into an affordable housing development. In total, developers created six new energy-efficient accommodations for families residing in Redbridge. Previously, people underused and vandalised the locale. However, what stands there now are four two-bedroom houses and two three-bedroom structures. The Mayor of London partly funded this endeavour after 72% of the 8,335 individuals on the housing register stated that they required family-sized living quarters.

Satisfied tenants

Council leader Jas Athwal said that it was wonderful seeing how excited the new tenants were once they arrived. He also recognised that many people were in need of bigger homes. The development has elevated the status of the local area. It has given families contemporary, top calibre homes to raise their families in as well.

As the next few months pass by, the council plans to develop more affordable housing in order to aid those on the register. Right now, they intend to finish three additional developments. The plans also included five extra sites that they will look at during the summer. The council added that even more projects are forthcoming. They are well on their way to bringing Redbridge over 171 affordable council houses.

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