There is something for everyone in Deptford

Deptford is one of the most vibrant areas in Lewisham. It always seems to be undergoing regeneration in one way or another. This makes it very changeable and fast paced.

Celebrated docklands

The area became prominent because of the dockyards. In the 16th century Henry VIII commanded a royal dock be built. The aim was to use it to take care of building, repairing, and supplying ships. The site became immensely important as a result.

Sadly the docks began to decline in the 18th century. Larger ships had trouble navigating the River Thames, reducing usage. Simultaneously there was a big increase in competition from more accessible sites such as Portsmouth.

The focus of the site gradually shifted away from warships and towards victualling, the process of supplying ships with food and drink. It then became a cattle market dealing in European animals. Unfortunately this wasn’t sustainable and the docks began to decline again. Ultimately they closed in the 20th century.

A cycle of regeneration

Since then Deptford has been a hotspot for regeneration. This gives it quite a unique feel and combination of amenities. Where else could you see continental grocers, popular gin bars, an 18th century church, and a modern dance centre side by side? There is also a fantastic combination of different cultures.

If that wasn’t enough to attract you to live in the area the transport links will. Lewisham is one of the most connected Boroughs in the whole of London. Commuters can use the Underground, DLR, Overground, local bus services, or the A2 to drive. As a result important locations such as London Bridge, Canary Wharf, and Shoreditch are easy to reach.

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