There is plenty of variety in Sydenham

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The green and hilly Sydenham is a district that partly belongs to the London Borough of Lewisham. It has a thriving community and there is plenty of relatively affordable homes. The locals participate in a wide variety of activities. This includes salsa dancing at the community centre as well as gardening in Mayow Park. You may want to take a journey halfway down Sydenham road. If you do, you can discover a celebration of the famous people who used to call it home. You can even find out more about the town’s history.

Housing choices

One of the most attractive features of Sydenham would be its extensive catalogue of homes. There are numerous period structures. This includes Regency villas and weatherboarded cottages. It is also possible to find little cottages in Hallifax Street. They have protection because of their conservation status.

Victorian homes

If you are after semi-detached or red-brick Victorian houses, the Thorpes is a favourite area for them. Within Newlands Park, there are huge detached and semi-detached Victorian homes. Similar sizeable buildings can also be found on Cator Road and Trewsbury Road.

Due to the considerable variety of houses present, trading up and down isn’t difficult. Therefore, after getting hooked on the community, people usually remain. In other words, there is plenty of staying power.

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