The Low Line could reinvigorate Southwark

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Low Line

The London Bridge to Greenwich railway viaduct is one of the most impressive feats of engineering in the UK. It is the oldest entirely elevated line in the world. In total it runs 3.45 miles and has 851 brick arches, the longest run in the UK. An astonishing 60 million plus bricks were necessary to complete the construction. It became the first commuter route into the City when it opened in 1836.

The railway arches on the line have had a very interesting history. The original plan was to create houses but no progress was ever made. Instead people set up shops, workshops, and storage facilities. Other arches became premises for mechanics, scrap dealers, and industrial businesses.

In the last decade there has been a revolution. Some of the arches became the home of new market stallholders and a haven for food lovers grew. A number of small hubs have formed now, bringing new vibrant activity to the area. The route is now referred to as the Low Line and Southwark Council wants even more developers and businesses to get involved. The aim is to open the entire route and create a cultural trail with green walkways.

Walk the line

Anybody who wants to get a better idea of the changes going on in the area should take a walk along the line. There are plenty of things to see and do, including a number of restaurants to visit.

The developments on the Low Line are benefiting the wider areas. They make them more attractive places to live and can drive up demand as well as property prices. Investors could find some interesting opportunities in these locations.

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