Benhilton is a great place to live

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Living in Benhilton

Benhilton is a parish to the north of Sutton in the Borough of the same name. It is a popular area for a number of reasons. Most importantly there are two schools here; All Saints Benhilton and Greenshaw High School. In addition there are great open spaces for locals to enjoy, including Rosehill Recreation Ground. Because of both of these things make it a good location for families.

The area is largely residential and is home to a good mix of properties. When you look at the housing you can see how the area developed. There are plenty of Victorian and Edwardian town houses, indicating this was once a popular suburb. In addition there are semi and detached homes from the inter-war period and blocks of flats. Infill sites have properties from the 20th and 21st centuries.


The parish has a very interesting past. It was once dominated by a single large farm. At one point broad beans were grown here. They were an important part of many Londoner’s diets in the pre-industrial age.

There are a number of old structures in the area, some dating from the 18th century. The oldest are milestones from the mid 1700s. All Saints Church, Benhilton was built from 1863 to 1867 and dominates the area from its position on Angel Hill. It has a Grade II* listing because of the fine Gothic Revival architecture.

In addition the area has an interesting link to sausage and ice cream maker Wall’s. At one time they used a building in the area to store bicycles used by local sellers. The Thomas Wall Centre bears the name of one of the companies most important bosses. It was Thomas who had the idea to make ice cream in the summer so the company didn’t have to lay off staff when the demand for sausages and pies fell in warm months.

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