The happiest Borough in London

Every year Rightmove compiles a list of the happiest Boroughs in London, surveying local residents across the city to see what they feel about their area. This time they asked 17,000 people for their opinions on 12 key factors. These included things like how safe they felt, what amenities they had access to, and what kind of regeneration work was ongoing in the area.

The report for 2017 sees some surprising moves but Richmond upon Thames holds on to top spot for the third year in a row. The Borough continues to score highly in all 12 of the categories, particularly in terms of green spaces, the high quality of local services, community spirit and amenities.

The category where Richmond falls behind other areas is in terms of new builds. There are fewer of these developments in the area but that doesn’t mean there are no improvements at all. The most notable ones tend to be the refurbishments of historic buildings, including boutique schemes.

The most recent round of GCSE results also indicate that Richmond should be an area for families to look closely at if they have children of secondary school age. Several schools in the Borough scored very highly in terms of the results students earned.

The biggest surprise about the Rightmove report is the performance of Hackney. In 2015 the area placed at number 22 on the list of happy London Boroughs. This time around though, the area secured the fourth spot. This has been driven by the arrival of hi-tech businesses, restaurants, and bars. The area also scored very highly for recreational activities, sports, art and culture.

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