The Art’otel London Hoxton isn’t far away now

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Those who have waited for construction to start on the Art’otel London Hoxton won’t need to wait much longer. Work is finally due to start and the opening date is currently 2023. The initial reports on the hotel’s construction were back in 2008. However, the project has since had several delays. It was only recently that owner PPHE Hotel Group got planning consent from Hackney Council.

Mixed use

The building is a mixed-use property that includes 27 floors. Five of them will have facilities such as an art gallery, swimming pool, and gym. Another five will make up the structure’s office spaces. As for the remaining 17 floors, they will be hotel rooms. On the 24th floor there is going to be an auditorium.


Something else this £180million development will feature is original Banksy artwork. An interior designer and signature artist will also design and curate a series of works. These will go on display throughout the building. Currently, Art’otel has properties in Cologne, Budapest, Berlin, and Amsterdam.

PPHE Hotel Group is very happy at receiving planning permission for their scheme to create the hotel in Hoxton. With their developments, they believe they can enrich the general guest experience so that everyone has a great stay.

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