Taking steps to improve Bexley’s standards

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There is a new scheme that the council is putting in place that will aim to repress anti-social behaviour (ASB) in some of Bexley’s problematic areas. This programme shall focus on landlords in the north of the Borough. This comes following evidence of a connection between poor living standards, anti-social acts, and private renting.

Licensing fees

The council’s intention is to make landlords apply for a licence. This will ensure they improve housing conditions in HMOs, private rents, and rented homes. They held a consultation on the matter last year. The result was that 61% of people agreed that licensing HMOs would raise standards and safeguard tenants. In addition, 48% agreed that it would aid in cracking down on ASB. Landlords who fail to apply for the license may face charges up to £30,000 and prosecution by the council.

In addition to the selective licensing scheme, the council intends to bring in an extra borough-wide licence to help crack down on HMO landlords. Since 2016, the amount of HMOs has gone up by 260. The total number now is 640. Most of them were only spotted after individuals began complaining about the states of the homes. According to research conducted by the council, this will pressure landlords into managing ASB more efficiently and reporting it more.

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