Brent Council looks for signs of illegal HMOs

From June 1st 2018 Brent Council is extending property licensing in the Borough. As a result landlords in several locations, including Kensal Green and Queen’s Park, will need to ensure they have a proper licence for every property they let out. On top of this the legislation for HMOs will change on October 1st, putting more pressure on owners and managers.

If you are considering property investment Brent has plenty to offer but you need to be a responsible landlord. Failing to do so can result in big fines, especially if you don’t meet licensing requirements and put tenants at risk.

How to spot an illegal HMO

Brent Council have also been working to help people in the Borough to spot signs of illegal HMOs in their areas. They have produced an informative video that points at six things to look for. The aim is to teach locals to spot properties that are overcrowded and potentially let illegally. That way it will help the local authority with enforcement and improving standards.

The six signs the Council says to look for are:

  • Is the front garden overgrown and poorly cared for?
  • Are the rubbish bins overflowing?
  • Is the property in a poor or neglected state of repair?
  • Do lots of people come and go from the property?
  • Do people gather outside to smoke?
  • Is rubbish being dumped in the garden?

These things could all be signs that more people are living in the property than there should be. This is especially true if issues happen regularly or for a persistent period of time.

A HMO can be a really good investment opportunity but the investor needs to be aware of their responsibilities. This is even more important with the new legislation and the local council cracking down. The best thing to do is speak to an experienced team that can help you.

Finefair provides reliable services for anyone who wants to benefit from the opportunities for property investment Brent has to offer. Our team can guide you, ensuring your obligations are clear. We manage all properties carefully, maintaining value and the condition. If you would like to find out more, please contact us.