Could Sutton finally receive a well deserved redevelopment?

Victoria House in Cheam, Sutton may finally be set for demolition as part of new redevelopment plans. The building has been empty since 2006 and has deteriorated substantially in that time, attracting a great deal of vandalism and anti-social behaviour. In the last decade the property has changed hands several times and been earmarked for regeneration at multiple points. A previous project even gained permission but no progress was made.

At the end of November it was revealed that a new £28 million redevelopment has been planned for the site. It could see 90 new homes built, 12 of which would be designated as affordable housing. The properties would range in size, including one, two and three bedroom homes. On top of these three new commercial units will be created and there will be parking for 50 vehicles and 150 bicycles.

The news could be very well received by the local community who have had to put up with the deterioration of the site for over a decade. It sits in a prominent location and the land would be great for new homes. Those people who moved in to the properties would find themselves with a number of local amenities to enjoy and good transport links within touching distance.

The redevelopment would be fantastic for a site that has experienced a great deal of uncertainty in the past. It would also help the Borough to make progress towards meeting new housing goals and meeting demand. Sutton is a very attractive area because of the affordability, becoming a hotspot over the last few years.

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