Limehouse in Tower Hamlets is a well established residential area

Limehouse is a riverside neighbourhood in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets that has seen a big transformation in its fortunes over the years. The area was thriving during the heyday of the docks but feel into decline following their closure. It rose again though with the growth of Canary Wharf, attracting people from who wanted to live within cycling distance of their workplaces.

The area is now very well-established and still appeals to people who work in Canary Wharf as well as the City. There are plenty of riverside and canalside apartments and flats in the area, giving residents a Thames view to enjoy and boating opportunities too.

The property scene is much broader than the blocks of properties though. Alongside these there are warehouse conversions, Victorian cottages, and even a selection of larger Georgian houses. This means there are options to suit various spatial needs.

The rental market in Limehouse is very strong and mainly attracts single renters and couples. The quality of properties is generally very high and many landlords have owned the assets for over a decade, bringing great stability with them.

One big advantage that Limehouse offers is that it is more affordable than neighbouring Wapping. This means there is more value for money. Additionally the area has grown in line with the needs of residents from the business and financial worlds, meaning it is suited to the long working hours people typically have in these fields.

At Finefair our knowledge of the area and the wider Borough of Tower Hamlets comes from the fact that we have operated here for many years. Our team provide a myriad of services, ranging from working as a lettings agent to offering investment advice. We even have experience with guaranteed rent. As a result we can deliver a great service for each client and ensure their needs are met.