Our supportive mother and baby services

In order to ensure that both young mothers and their children receive the best support and services available to them, our team offer a comprehensive service designed to take care of and support both mother and child during when they need it the most.

It can very difficult for young mothers to find suitable housing, especially when we consider the difficulty of finding a job that pays a living wage and allows for childcare at the same time. We are dedicated to helping mothers and children to find suitable accommodation, and we offer a number of support services designed to ensure that all of their needs and requirements are fully met and taken care of.

We offer 24/7 help and assistance for tenants, with support staff available constantly to provide the help and assistance required. Our experienced and friendly team will ensure that both mother and child benefit from a warm, comfortable and safe environment to reside in. We build strong working relationships with the tenant and ensure that regular discussions and monitoring take place to sustain a living environment that is suitable for them. We will provide extensive support and ensure that positive outcomes are reached.

Our staff work extensively to the benefit of both mother and child, offering tailored support. We understand the importance of suitable accommodation for everyone and we pride ourselves on being able to provide these services, doing all that we can to help every tenant locate housing that fulfils their needs. With our full property and block management in Lewisham and the rest of London, we do all we can to make sure that properties are kept in the best possible condition and that the people living in them are supported throughout their entire tenancy.