Lucrative times for landlords

If we look back at the 1980s, it was commonplace to hear professionals in their 20s talking about taking their first steps onto the property ladder. Today paints a very different picture. For millions of people in the UK, the property market has become unsettling. With ascending house prices and plummeting salaries, the majority of young professionals have little chance of entering the market as buyers. The past decade has seen a dramatic turnaround. Ten years ago 59% of 25 year olds owned their own homes, whilst 21% were living in rented properties. The figures today show us that 36% own their own home, and the number of renters has risen to 48%.

In addition to the financial difficulties facing potential buyers, we are also seeing significant changes to people’s lifestyles. More people want to live in the city rather than in suburban properties. Convenient transport links and shorter commutes are a factor along with the desire to wait longer to invest in a mortgage. These elements combined have inevitably driven the demand for suitable rented properties. Landlords, investors and property developers are facing many opportunities for long term remuneration.

Whether you are an experienced landlord or you have purchased your first buy to let home, it is important to provide well maintained and presented properties. If your property is in good condition you are much more likely to secure a reliable tenant that regularly pays their rent and looks after your investment. It is prudent for all landlords to present safe, clean and habitable rented accommodation.

We provide full management for investment properties in Lambeth and the rest of London, as well as guaranteed rent schemes that make the entire process smooth and stress free. We can locate the perfect property for you as well as a low maintenance tenant. All maintenance, property inspections, repairs, replacements and rent collection will be handled. You will never have to worry about dealing with your tenants directly and you can relax in the knowledge that your investment is in trusted and proficient hands. Our team will ensure you receive your rental payment every month and should your property stand empty at any time you will still receive your income.