The stability and security of property

We all have different views, feelings and ideas about what a building represents to us. However, one thing that is surely common to us all is that a building should represent stability and security. While this is certainly true of any building we call home, these are also the qualities which property investors seek from the buildings they own. We are at the forefront of ensuring owners get that stability and security through our extensive range of property services, particularly our guaranteed rent schemes.

London is under seemingly ever increasing pressure to provide housing for the many people who live and work there. While long term solutions are being created through construction work, the authorities are working with the private sector to ease the demand as far as possible. In this respect, we’ve been very proud to work with the authorities of the London Boroughs as a preferred service supplier. The work we do with them means that we are able to offer property investors the stability and security they want when it comes to returns on investment.

We were one of the first to bring the principles of guaranteed rent to the UK property market. Our long established record in this service shows that we provide a convenient way for property owners to achieve the fixed, attractive yield they want from their investment, while also helping authorities to address the demand for accommodation and housing. Our professional and comprehensive property management services complement our guaranteed rent offering with also gives all the assurance of the property being perfectly maintained.

Our services give London property owners the maximum level of stability and security possible with only the minimal level of resources and time required from them. We handle absolutely every aspect of the requirements of being a landlord on your behalf, with the only real requirement from you being to read our regular reporting to confirm we’re keeping your property in excellent condition.

During the last ten years we have helped property owners attain the fixed, secured and stable income they wanted from their investment. We look forward to being able to provide the same outstanding service to you, whether you need assistance with property management, sales, lettings or council leasing in Barking and Dagenham or any other area of the capital.