Making your property attractive to potential tenants

Letting a property can provide you with a brilliant monthly income, but in order to optimise the profits you can make, it is important to ensure the property is well maintained, looks attractive and appeals to prospective tenants. There are a few key points regarding basic contents and decor that you should consider.

  1. Natural and neutral colours. When it comes to walls, floors, tiles, and carpeting, it is always better to stick to neutral palettes. Patterns and colours are often seen as imposing and prevent future residents from seeing themselves living in the property.
  2. Basic fixtures throughout the property. Touches such as light fixtures, towel racks, and mirrors are necessary in a home. Choose plain and tasteful styles, particularly if you do not want tenants drilling holes or making alterations themselves.
  3. Large appliances. A property doesn’t necessarily have to be fully furnished, but it will be much more appealing for tenants if it includes essential appliances such as fridge freezers, cookers, and washing machines. They don’t have to be luxurious, but they do have to function properly and fulfil day to day living requirements.
  4. Curtains and blinds. It’s also preferred that these are also chosen in light neutral colours.
  5. Low maintenance gardens. Tenants may not have the time or ability to carry out frequent gardening work. Make it easier on yourself and your tenants by modifying the garden to be as low maintenance as possible.

Potential tenants or buyers who view your property will see that they won’t have to make many changes to call it a home, encouraging them to choose your property over others. We can advertise your letting or sale and provide complete property or block management services in Wandsworth and the rest of the capital, ensuring your investment continues to stay in top condition.