Sought-after qualities in London properties

The property market in London has fluctuated over the past few decades, so it’s no surprise that people have become a lot more selective about what they get themselves involved with. Investors from around the world are currently seeking properties in London, simply due to the fact that hundreds have done it before them and reaped in the profits as properties in the capital become ever more sought after.

If you own a property in London and are looking to sell, there are specific qualities that potential investors are seeking. If your property possesses these qualities, you can increase your chances of selling your property successfully for a profit.

  • Investors are looking for the properties that they can buy-to-let and gain the most profit from. If they can’t find that promise with your property, the chances are that they’ll move on. Properties in good condition in areas with close proximity to sought-after amenities are likely to sell well.
  • Your potential for profit will change depending on the price that you purchased the property for, the amount of time and money that you have spent on developing it, and how much you’re willing to sell for. Whilst selling your property may be your first priority, you may require some assistance when getting the most out of your sale. Careful consideration and planning must go into this step as obviously both sides wish to optimise the benefits they gain from buying or selling.
  • Can your investors develop the property for a small cost and be greeted with a large hike in property value? Is the area expected to rise or decrease in price in the upcoming years? This is an important factor for potential buyers.
  • Will it cost a lot to keep the property in shape? Is it in good order and good condition or is it estimated that many repairs will be required in the near future? No investor wants to spend a lot of money in the long term just to keep the property functioning; many of them will want a low maintenance investment, especially if they’re overseas.
  • Is there a rent guarantee system available? Are people activity seeking temporary or short-term accommodation in this area and is there a market for it?

If you need help will selling or want to know how you can optimise your chances, we can help you to assess the different factors and work out the value of your property and what you can expect to gain. At Finefair we offer some of the most attractive guaranteed rent schemes, assured rental returns and comprehensive property and block management in Havering, Islington, Camden, Hounslow and the whole of London.