Letting out your property can mean a secure income

Do you have a property or a portfolio of properties that are simply accumulating value? You could reap significant income by letting your property out to tenants, either as a way to use the property while it attains optimum value, or as a permanent arrangement. There is a great demand for housing in London, something which continues to increase, and with nearly 50% of all London residents living in rental housing, there is a clear demand that can be tapped into.

By going through a lettings agent such as us and opening your property up for tenants, a new means of earning profit from your property opens. You’ll never be short of prospective tenants if you own a property in one of the sought after London areas like Brent, Islington, Kensington and Chelsea, Bromley or Camden.

Letting your property has many benefits. If you have the property to spare and it is in habitable condition, then you can use it to earn additional monthly income from the rent of a tenant. With a guaranteed rent scheme such as the ones we offer, you can see a constant income even during the periods when there is no tenant in your property. This will ensure you have a healthy income without a break in case of void periods. By entrusting a trustworthy and reliable business with your property and a guaranteed rent scheme, you can suddenly find yourself benefiting from a monthly income without the hassle of having to manage the property yourself.

If you don’t currently own a property that’s suitable for rental, it may be worth purchasing a property for the purpose of letting it out. The buy-to-let market is swelling with every passing week and the potential to tap into it is enormous. If you are in need of a property to purchase and transform into a house for prospective tenants, then a good lettings agent can help you to do so.

Letting is becoming one of the most secure ways to earn a profit in a recovering economy. There will always be a need for houses, especially in an area as diverse and as busy as London. Buying properties to let them is a great way to bolster your income or even as a retirement strategy. Even if you don’t buy a property for that sole purpose, letting out a property in your portfolio is a great way to bring in extra, secure income, especially as the property market in London continues to grow. With our lettings and property management expertise, we can help you to make the most of your investments and London’s exciting rental market.