From former sleepy suburb to a property investment hotspot – exploring Ealing

For many years Ealing was one of the least popular Borough’s in West London, lagging behind neighbours such as Hammersmith, Chiswick and Richmond. This has changed recently though. The area is now the focus of a myriad of investments, creating new homes, regenerating leisure and retail properties, and improving the transport infrastructure. This in turn has led to even more investment.

One of the driving forces behind the change in attitude towards Ealing is that it offers more value for money than surrounding areas. The fact that the area lagged behind its neighbours meant it didn’t enjoy the same growth in prices, leaving it as a more affordable option. This has now become a big selling point, especially with values reaching such high levels.

Once all of the current projects are completed the face of Ealing will have changed dramatically. Crossrail is coming to the area and will make it one of the most well-connected areas in the capital. On top of this the property investment will create new homes, public spaces, commercial space, and leisure facilities too.

One of the biggest examples of property investment in Ealing is the redevelopment of Southall Gasworks. The 88 acre site will be developed in stages over the next 25 years, creating thousands of new homes and completely regenerating the site. The first stage with 618 homes is underway.

By the time the project is completed there will be 3,750 homes, a new retail and leisure hub, a school, a health centre, and a cinema. Incredibly half of the site will be designed for the creation of public parkland and open spaces such as piazzas. Amongst these will be a network of pathways and cycling routes to further boost transport links.

The transformation of Ealing and the multitude of property investment going on is very impressive. The area is no longer a sleepy suburb; it is an attractive area with lots of potential and plenty of selling points.