Plans are revealed for redeveloping old garages in Enfield

In a previous article we wrote about plans to redevelop the land currently taken up by old, unused garages in several London Boroughs. These ideas have taken a step forward with an architecture firm releasing their plans for the first of four schemes for Enfield.

The plan is to create three new homes on the site off Windmill Lane. It sits behind flats and is home to a selection of unused, run-down garages. The ideas for the plot are impressive, creating modern homes and an external courtyard. It could prove to be a really fantastic use of an underused residual site.

The three homes will be 83 square meters in size, complying with the space standards set out in the London Housing Design Guide. The designs have been chosen to maximise the potential of the site whilst creating properties that satisfy aesthetic and environmental requirements. The architects have excelled in both regards.

The project is particularly interesting because it could set a precedent, influencing projects on the three additional sites in Enfield and those in other Boroughs. A planning decision is anticipated for the end of March. If the project gets the green light work on the site could begin later in the year. Ultimately if all is successful the homes could be ready to inhabit in 2018.

At Finefair we provide property management in Enfield as well as a wide array of other services. We are always pleased to see projects that redevelop old sites and buildings to create new homes, especially when they will deliver such high quality properties. This is important to helping meet housing demands, particularly with space so limited.

As part of our property management services we work closely with property owners in Enfield to maintain standards. We tailor each service to ensure it maximises value and meets the requirements of our client. This is especially true when we are called on to manage new builds.

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