Significant success forecast for Bromley

Of the many aspects to be considered when looking at investment properties it’s important to keep in mind that you must look forwards rather than backwards when considering an area. Whilst the history of a location has an impact on present day prices, it’s the direction mapped out ahead for the region which will ultimately determine how successful capitalization of an investment will be. This, we appreciate, might seem to be a somewhat obvious comment to make in a broad or general sense, but it’s one which can be lost sight of when investigating specific areas. We work in a way that ensures this focus is never lost.

In terms of current options for London, Bromley is a Borough we have identified as the perfect example of this. With this area of the capital city only really growing in popularity as a residential area over the last 24 months, some do not look at it in investment terms. This choice is made as there’s no true qualified pattern of yields or returns to evaluate. Sadly this can result in people missing out on a really great opportunity to purchase an investment property.

Our view of Bromley echoes a recent report in the Daily Telegraph, which highlighted the Borough as one of the top five areas of London where growth shall continue. The comparatively recent surge in people looking for residential property in Bromley has been made sustainable by developments in the area. In building on factors such as the outstanding commuter links to Victoria, London Bridge and Charing Cross, the rejuvenated High Street area has seen off the business challenge of the recently opened M25 Bluewater shopping centre. Aspects such as these give every indication that Bromley shall continue to be very much in demand as a residential area.

All trusted forecasts give every indication that investment property in Bromley is likely to experience a sharp valuation increase over the next 12 to 24 months. Demand for residential space in the Borough is driving rental prices up, and in so doing increasing yield levels. Our experience in the market, combined with our unrivalled knowledge of the region, means that we are the perfect choice for you in exploring adding Bromley properties to your portfolio.