Securing a guarantee on rental incomes

Each of the 32 London Boroughs is unique. From the location to the amenities and the culture, every one has something different to make it stand out. This can make it difficult to decide which area to choose when it comes to property investment. Additionally investors need to take into account the house prices, rental rates, and level of demand to ensure investing is feasible.

One thing to look for is guaranteed rent schemes. These can provide fantastic benefits to property owners, overcoming one of the most stressful aspects of letting; the void period. By opting for a rental scheme landlords can enjoy guarantees on income for the entire length of time they choose to let the property in this way. This can prove to be a fantastic benefit.

Landlords can benefit greatly from choosing guaranteed rent if they purchase a property in an area where demand for rental properties is relatively low. By choosing a scheme they will receive an income each month regardless. This means that the local authority or the lettings agent (whoever is offering the scheme) bears the responsibility. They therefore accept the losses during void periods.

In many cases there is a fantastic added benefit of guaranteed rent. As well as bearing responsibility for finding tenants the party offering the scheme will also be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the property for the duration of the agreement. This can save the landlord money and reduce their need to conduct inspections and arrange for tradesmen to do the work.

At Finefair we provide an array of services throughout Brent, including guaranteed rent. We understand the benefits the agreements can offer and the responsibilities we take on during the period. This knowledge helps us to provide the highest level of service and support we can to each and every client.

Property owners in Brent who would like to learn more can contact us for details. We can also discuss all of the other services we have to offer too.