Shipping containers converted into temporary housing

A piece of derelict land in Acton West, Ealing has recently been transformed following the introduction of a number of shipping containers. These modules have been turned into temporary housing which will be used to provide shelter and facilities for 288 homeless people from the Borough.

The project is sustainable because the shipping containers are being redeveloped for a new use rather than being left to rust. This is a better option than utilising new resources to create the houses. Using containers also offers advantages in terms of how quickly the shelters can be ready and the layout options.

Each of the containers has been converted, adding openings for windows and doors. Furnishings have been installed to help make the new occupants comfortable. Amenities have also been fitted including laundry facilities. There are communal spaces available too, helping to create more of a community feel.

This is a very interesting project, particularly at a time when homelessness is becoming an increasing problem in the UK. Although it is only a temporary measure, the containers are really good short term accommodation.

The Acton West site is the second one in Ealing to become home to shipping containers converted into homes. Another site at Meath Court is home to 60 homes. The underused land was initially earmarked for development by 2024 but now has the temporary accommodation.

At Finefair we regularly work in the Borough in our role as one of the best names for property management Ealing has to offer. Our team feel it is fantastic that new housing developments are being created, even if they are only temporary. Other councils could take inspiration from the project and more developers could consider using resources carefully like with the shipping containers.

Any investors or landlords in Ealing who want to arrange professional management solutions can call on us. We will ensure they receive the best level of service.