Planning permission has been granted for two high rise towers

Croydon is set to become home to over 1,000 new homes with planning permission being granted to a number of new high rise residential towers. One of them is the 546 flat, twin tower project by Tide Construction. This will become the tallest modular tower in the world when it is completed, rising to 44 storeys. The current record holder is a 32 storey block located in New York.

The fantastic news for locals and people who want to live in the area is the homes will be specifically build to rent. The project is a huge one but could have a really great impact on the area.

Incredibly this project is dwarfed by the other one to gain permission. The plans submitted by Guildhouse Rosepride for One Lansdowne also feature twin towers but the tallest is an incredible 68 storeys. This property will be home to 794 residential units when it is finished. It will become one of the tallest properties in the UK.

One Lansdowne won’t just be residential though. The plans also feature 376,700 square feet of space for offices, some retail space, a pool and gym, a viewing gallery, plus a bar and restaurant. The property is already being considered as one that could put Croydon on the map because it will be visible for miles all around.

Croydon Council had already signed off on One Lansdowne but the project was held up by the Mayor of London. Fortunately he recently signed off on it, allowing progress to be made. This means construction will begin in 2018.

Both of these projects are some of the largest examples of property investment Croydon has ever seen. The modular tower is expected to be valued at £150 million and One Lansdowne will be even more valuable.

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