Securing an investment before 2015

With the end of 2014 just a few weeks away, it is natural to assume that any opportunity of securing a great deal in the property market this year is pretty much done and dusted. This could not be further from the truth. Recent figures show most properties that were still on sale in November had been awaiting a buyer for many months, and had seen several slashes to their price tag. The unsold properties in London represent a great opportunity for buyers and offer a huge incentive to secure their purchases before the end of the year.

With the general election approaching there is naturally an air of uncertainty as many buyers and sellers have no idea how their income and tax obligations may alter. This has resulted in many buyers refraining from purchasing properties and the numbers of available houses rising. We have witnessed a seller’s market for the last 12 months, but the market has tipped and it is now the best possible time for buyers to secure themselves a bargain. Landlords and developers are currently in the perfect position to peruse the market and focus on the properties that have no rival buyers waiting to pounce.

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Our investor services focus specifically on helping our clients effectively manage their properties and achieve the goals they set for themselves. Equipping yourself with the benefits of our extensive knowledge guarantees you the best possible advantages. When we locate the right property for you we provide full management support and help you secure a maximum return.

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