Providing HMO and hostel management

A HMO is a building or part of a building in which more than one household shares an amenity, such as cooking and bathroom facilities. It could also represent a converted building that does not entirely comprise self contained flats. To be classified as a HMO, it must be occupied by more than one household as their only or main residence.

Many investors have realised the benefits of transforming their properties into HMOs and hostels, and for ten years now we have been supporting our clients with their endeavours. By turning your property into a licensed HMO building you can increase your income as well as the overall value of your property.

When you decide to undertake a HMO project, we can provide full and comprehensive property management in Newham and all other areas of London, helping to make the process of owning and managing a HMO as simple as possible. Property investment is one of the most potentially lucrative areas people can ever enter into, particularly in sought-after London areas. When we work with investors we take every step to ensure you achieve your goals and obtain security for the future.

HMOs have proved over time to deliver fantastic returns and exceed the expectations of our landlords, developers and investors. The staggering truth is that a converted HMO property is likely to gross three times more than if the building was let as a single unit. Any property with three or more bedrooms has the potential to provide HMO facilities and by increasing the internal available accommodation and taking on more tenants you are simply guaranteed to increase your profit.

Our extensive experience in property management will ensure that every detail is handled and that the entire operation runs smoothly. Whether you wish to purchase property for the purposes of HMO transformation, or you wish to convert an existing building, we can handle every aspect for you and offer a full management service once your property is ready and your tenants are in place. Our service ensures no hassle, worries and responsibilities. The full management we provide promises maintenance of your properties and a guaranteed income for up to ten years. We are the leading name throughout London and when looking for property management in Newham or any other part of the capital, you can confidently trust us with your property ambitions.