New rules for every estate and lettings agent in Southwark to be aware of

Southwark Council took action at the start of February following complaints from residents regarding the multitude of advertising boards left outside properties. The major complaint was that the boards showing that a property had been sold or let were making the streets and estates look untidy.

In response to these comments the Council will introduce Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) if boards are left up too long following a sale or a let being completed. Each estate and lettings agent in Southwark will have two weeks following completion to take the boards down.

Agents who fail to remove the boards in a timely manner will be given a warning at first. If they still fail to take action a £100 fine will be issued.

The new rules came into force on February 1st. The previous enforcement process was maligned for being too time consuming and costly. The new one is more efficient, clearly sets out requirements for estate and letting agents, and introduces a new code of practice that will improve standards.

Every estate and lettings agent in Southwark will have to be on the ball, ensuring they remove all boards within a timely manner if they want to avoid issues. This means that they can no longer leave the advertising up for a longer period to help promote their business.

At Finefair we know how important boards are for showcasing which properties are for sale and available to let. We also understand where residents are coming from in not appreciating them being left up long after a property has been sold or let. The new rules make a lot of sense and we will work hard to make sure our clients comply with them.

As a leading lettings agent in Southwark we always look to promote an area as well as a property. If you would like any advice or assistance regarding the new rules, advertising, or even property management please contact us. We can create the perfect service for you.