Richmond Upon Thames is a vibrant area with a wonderful community

In November last year accountants Grant Thornton released their vibrant economy index. They looked at areas in the UK with the highest levels of vibrancy, taking into account things like economic growth, health, happiness, and social equality. The aim was to determine what it was like to live and work in different areas.

The top ten has some really interesting entries on it. Perhaps surprisingly there is only one destination in London on the list; Richmond Upon Thames. The Borough came third on the list, trailing behind Cambridge and Oxford.

It is likely that people expected more destinations in London to make it on to the list because the capital is typically home to the highest wages and has a huge number of amenities to offer. Locations could be held back though by high living costs and stress affecting health and happiness.

Richmond Upon Thames stands out because it is a very leafy Borough in the popular, and costly, West End of London. The area has a wonderful community feel and still offers fantastic transport links so residents can quickly reach the centre of the city when they need to. These factors all contribute to it securing its third place position in the vibrant economy index.

At Finefair we have worked in Richmond Upon Thames for a number of years and seen the wonderful vibrancy first hand. It was no surprise to us that it scored so highly and stood out from other areas in London.

We are happy to have played our small part in boosting the area by helping landlords to deliver the best services to tenants. We specialise in property management in Richmond Upon Thames and ensure that every single property delivers the high standards we are renowned for. As a result residents are happier and the economy benefits.

If you would like to find out more about everything Richmond Upon Thames has to offer or the services we provide please feel free to contact us.