The rising number of value brands in Hounslow

Over the past five years the number of investors exploring the investment properties Hounslow has to offer has risen substantially. It is not just people in the domestic sector either; businesses have also been making investments and expanding their presence in the area.

Retail property research consultants Harper Dennis Hobbs recently released a study conducted on behalf of Retail Week to showcase the latter. It shows the top 30 hotspots in the UK for value retailers. These are areas where discount brands like B&M, Poundland, Aldi, and Lidl have been investing. Hounslow found itself on the list at number 26.

Although the place on the list is rather low the percentage change in the last five years shows that more retailers are targeting the area. In 2012 there were five value brands operating stores in Hounslow. By 2017 this number had grown to ten, double the previous size. The only area in the top 30 to achieve a higher percentage increase is West Bromwich, growing from six to a total of thirteen.

If the growth of the number of value brands in Hounslow continues it will quickly climb the list. One more would place it 13th and two would put it into the top ten.

Value brands generally look to secure properties in the most attractive secondary towns. These give them access to the widest possible target audience and help them to get established in areas that are showcasing good signs of opportunities for the future. They can then expand to neighbouring areas.

It is great news that businesses are also interested in investment properties and targeting Hounslow. This showcases how popular the area is and ensures there are more options available for residents. This in turn can help to attract more people to live in an area.

At Finefair we help clients to find the right area and property to suit their needs. We have seen the attractiveness of the investment properties Hounslow has rise over the last five years and longer. This trend is expected to continue in the future too.