Richmond upon Thames working to tackle homelessness with funding

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Working To Make A Change

Property management Richmond upon ThamesRichmond Council has been awarded over £200,000 to help tackle the issue of homelessness. The pot, a total of £223,000 comes from the government.

The purpose of this money is to help fund case workers. They help guide people sleeping rough on the streets into suitable accommodation as soon as possible. The council said that this funding is not only for people who have recently begun sleeping on the street. It is also for those who are more entrenched.

There is hard work taking place in the borough to tackle the issue of sleeping rough. People have recognised this and the payoff is this extra funding. You need a lot of persistence and trust to make a difference to these people. The successful bid for extra funding will therefore be able to help with these efforts.


Another name for a case worker is a navigator. They work with an individual sleeping rough. Then, they establish a route into accommodation that they personalise to them. The council and those trying to tackle the issue welcome this funding. This will help them try and reduce the number of people living in these circumstances.

This positive change for homelessness will lead to people being able to sustain accommodation. Then, they can take on opportunities in the community.

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