Revealing the current property hotspots with the best performance

The recent National Hotspots Index makes quite good reading for investors. It indicates the top ten hottest areas in the country, those where properties sell quickly when they are put on the market. The list is dominated by locations within the commuter belt of London. These destinations see high demand because they generally offer more value for money than central areas where prices for properties are much higher.

The number one hotspot according to the Index is the London Borough of Bexley. This is the seventh time the area has topped the list and shows that it remains a very popular location. The popularity comes for a number of reasons including the affordability of the homes, the rural setting and the good transport links.

According to the Index 70% of the properties put on the market in Bexley over the past three months were sold. This means that demand is high and assets only spend a relatively short amount of time up for sale as a result.

Bristol came second on the top ten list of hotspots but beyond this the others are all located in the commuter belt surrounding London. Areas like Ipswich, Bedford, Watford, Milton Keynes, and Cambridge all feature and saw properties being sold relatively quickly.

The results of the Index are further evidence that buyers are continuing to target commuter areas around London. These locations are attractive because demand is high and prices are rising at an impressive rate. People are also drawn to these destinations because of sky high prices in established Boroughs in Central London.

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