Replacing a former council estate in Greenwich

The Ferrier council estate in Greenwich was demolished between 2009 and 2012 following years of decline. In its place is the new “garden suburb” Kidbrooke Village. The transformation is incredible, particularly with the architecture finally becoming visible with the completion of homes on the 276 acre site.

The development has reinvigorated this once maligned part of Greenwich. In place of the precast concrete is homes designed to be space and energy efficient. There are a mix of apartments in blocks and terraced townhouses offering three and four bedrooms. These appeal to all kinds of different buyers, particularly with the 15 minute commute to London Bridge from the new transport interchange at the Kidbrooke station.

One of the most outstanding parts of the development is how green it is. Across the 276 acres there is lots of landscaping, creating outdoor rooms for residents to enjoy. In addition trees have been planted across the area, including lining pathways. Sutcliffe Park borders the area too, meaning the lake and wetlands are an added green feature.

An interesting feature of the terraced homes is they feature roof terraces rather than back gardens. This is an interesting use of space. The lack of space is not felt though because of the public garden rooms.

In addition the homes are immensely efficient. Fuels bills have been cut by a quarter and water usage is down by almost a third. This makes them very sustainable and the long term savings will really please residents.

At Finefair we have spent many years providing estate management in Greenwich. The transformation of the former council estate is fantastic for the area and the residents too. We will be happy to help any landlords who purchase properties and choose to make them available to renters. Our services tick all of the right boxes and we will deliver fantastic value. If you have any questions for us please contact our team.