Clapton has transformed into a popular part of Hackney

In a previous article we talked about a new £200 million development in Clapton, Hackney that would create lots of new homes. This time we thought we would take a closer look at the area and explore why it is proving so popular with younger buyers and renters alike.

At the turn of the millennium Clapton had a poor reputation. The area was poorly connected, lacking an Underground station, and also didn’t have the best schooling. As a result it deterred many people, even with such a wide array of good sized Victorian and Georgian homes available.

In the last two decades there have been huge changes in area. Transport links have improved with the Overground serving both Clapton and Rectory Road stations. The schools are far better too, drawing lots of families to the area. In addition the redevelopment and London 2012 Olympics inspired the opening of new shops, delis, cafes, and restaurants.

There is a great amount of space in Clapton, both in terms of homes with larger gardens and public spaces like parks and riverside walks. These are very attractive to residents. The routes along the River Lea are particularly popular. In addition there are Millfields and Springfield Parks.

When it comes to investment properties in Hackney, Clapton has a lot to offer. Larger properties are regularly split up into flats, making them good options for landlords. The younger vibe of the area is attractive to renters and the chance of moving on to the property market at a later date and getting more space is a big selling point.

At Finefair we have a lot of experience with Clapton and have observed the big changes in the area over the last two decades. It has been an incredible turnaround and the popularity looks like it will continue. We will be on hand to help clients looking for a property in the area, offering the extensive knowledge we have built over the years of working with investment properties in Hackney.

If would like to discuss your property needs with us please get in touch; we are confident we can help.