A rent scheme that can make the most out of any property in the City of London

As a landlord you naturally have concerns about finding a reliable tenant that will maintain your property and pay the rent regularly and on time. At Finefair we offer guaranteed rent in the City of London to all landlords and investors regardless of the size, age and type of the property.

We at Finefair understand the worry and hassle that so often accompanies being a landlord and we offer an exceptional and professional service that takes away all the hassle and worry for you. We have been established for over a decade and our knowledge and expertise in the property sector ensures us as the perfect choice for all landlords.

Guaranteed rent in the City of London and other boroughs provides you with the peace of mind you need regarding your important investment. We guarantee your rent every month even when your property is without a tenant and we also ensure you receive the maximum rent possible. Regardless of the situation you will receive your rental payment into your account without fail. Due to the fact that we are the preferred choice for all landlords and investors we provide our leasing service completely free of charge. You will never pay us a penny for the whole time you are with us.

Aside from the financial security provided we also take on all the responsibilities regarding management and maintenance. We handle viewings, locate and secure suitable tenants, we deal with all bills including Council Tax and any contact with tenants that may be necessary. We rigorously carry out inspections to ensure maintenance and should there be any damage to the property the costs are covered by us.

Additionally the scheme offers you the convenience of extreme flexibility. If a long term commitment is not for you then you can take part for as little as six months but if you want an extended arrangement you can sign up with us for up to ten years. When you enter into the scheme you can begin enjoying your steady income immediately as your payments will begin 24 hours later.

We know that life brings about change and when you wish to sell your property or no longer participate you retake full ownership with the guarantee of its maintained original condition aside from natural wear and tear.

Visit finefair.com to complete our valuation request form or call us on 0208 554 0500.