Offering professional advice on the right time to sell or let any Barking and Dagenham property

As a landlord it is perfectly natural for you to be concerned about finding the right tenant. You want the right person that will pay the rent on time and an efficient and reliable option that will ensure you make a profit on your property investment.

Our guaranteed rent in Barking and Dagenham offers you assurance that your property is in good hands. We implement an outstanding service that presents no financial risk to you as we offer our Guaranteed Rent Schemes completely free of charge. We are pleased to do this as we are the preferred choice in all London boroughs and we pride ourselves on the delivery of a high quality scheme that affords you complete peace of mind in all areas.

Our scheme for guaranteed rent in Barking and Dagenham will take away all the worry and responsibilities for you as a busy landlord. We handle everything from arranging viewings, placing tenants and carrying out regular inspections. We also cover the costs of any damage so be assured that we will do our very best to ensure the maintenance of your property.

The guaranteed rent scheme does precisely that. When you sign up with us your rent is guaranteed every month, without fail and if your property ever becomes empty for a period of time your rent is still paid. Our scheme allows you to concentrate on your other important commitments with nothing to do except wait for the payments to hit your account every month.

One thing that separates us from other companies that provide guaranteed rent schemes is that we make this quality service available to everyone. We manage all manner of properties, regardless of size, age, type and location. Our coverage ranges from flats, blocks, houses and many more. We also offer a fixed term of up to ten years. Should you decide to sell you can retake full ownership of your property after one year and due to our rigorous and routine inspections you can feel confident that when you retain, the condition will be the same as it was when you signed up for the scheme.

Wherever the location of your investment in London we can offer our guaranteed rent scheme and you will receive the highest rent possible along with long term protection of your investments.

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