Have your rent guaranteed with us

All landlords want their properties filled with tenants. If your property is left vacant, then you aren’t earning income from your investment. While many landlords will desperately try to find a tenant quickly, leading to possible problems with the tenancy in the future, there is another solution: sign up for a guaranteed rent scheme that can ensure that you have constant income.

We specialise in providing guaranteed rent in Greenwich, London and throughout the UK. We operate such schemes on a flexible basis, from six months to ten years, offering you the ability to overcome your tenancy woes and ensure that you benefit from a constant source of income.

From the moment that you sign up to your scheme, you can be assured that we will provide you with professional help and care. From the first day, your rent is guaranteed and paid on the first Friday of every month, directly into your bank account. We will take care of everything including finding the tenants. Once the property has been let out, we will take care of everything, including regular maintenance periods. There are absolutely no void periods – even when your property is empty, you will always receive your rent, paid directly to you without fail. As the property is leased to us, we will work tirelessly to find tenants, organise viewings and ensure that all paperwork and reference checks are completed fully. We’ll take care of the bills and council tax and once the the leasing period ends, we will give your property back to you in its original condition. It’s as simple as that.

We are looking for a number of property types to lease. We take flats ranging from studios to multi-bedroom apartments, houses with multiple bedrooms, houses of multiple occupancy and empty properties, as well as entire property portfolios. Whatever property you own, we can provide you with a guaranteed rent package that will see you receiving regular income. Before you lease your property to us, however, you should ensure that it is in good condition with adequate security measures in place.

We cover all areas of London and Outer London, as well as Luton, Birmingham and the Midlands. All of the areas that we cover can benefit from our expertise in all matters concerning guaranteed rent. With close working links with local authorities and working relationships London Borough Councils, that turning to us for your guaranteed rent needs is a smart move to make.