Relishing in the riches of Richmond

Ask anyone who has a familiarity with Richmond upon Thames and they will tell you that it is home to many of the happiest residents in the UK. With its fabulous rental prices and a plethora of restaurant and shopping options at your disposal, it is the perfect spot for a home.

Many people know the Borough for its exclusive reputation but let us assure you that rentals here are very reasonable, being approximately 20% cheaper than the average London rent price. The reason for this is largely thanks to the distance it is from Central London and Richmond’s zone 4 location. There is really great value to find in the area.

The quick commutes from the area are a major attraction to residents. Thanks to the infrastructure commuters can travel across the city quickly. In addition to this, the Borough is among the six safest places to live in London with crimes lower than the UK average.

Restaurants and shopping are in no short supply in Richmond. These establishments are rich in culture and offer a plethora of options for you to pick and choose from. La Buvette was born from the need to meet the needs of the growing French population. Having arrived in 2009, it has solidified its position as Richmond’s premier, independent French restaurant. Vintage Rose is, as its name implies, a vintage boutique. Their speciality is selling designer pieces and second-hand classics. This makes it the number one place to find the perfect outfit to make you stand out.

At Finefair we do everything in our power to offer the ideal services for our clients. Richmond upon Thames is bursting with character and has a fantastic rental market that offers a wide range of benefits for investors. We can help landlords to get the perfect returns for their properties thanks to our guaranteed rent service. This means your income is protected for the duration you choose to rent with our help. We provide security and a professional hand to make sure your interests are met.