A new mixed use development for Southwark

The Borough of Southwark in London has enjoyed some big developments over recent years, particularly along the riverside. The area is attractive because of the close proximity to the City. It has seen numerous property investments being made, including new builds and regenerations. Many people have been drawn to the area to purchase homes and other properties too.

In the middle of July news of another eye-catching development in the area was released. Planning permission has been granted for the redevelopment of Vinopolis, a venue previously used for wine tasting. The site stretched under the railway arches, between the viaduct and along the wharf. It covers 197,786 square feet. The project will see this transformed into mixed use retail and leisure space.

The work on the site is designed to complement the nearby Borough Market and other development projects in London Bridge and Bankside. It will create additional attractions for people living in Southwark as well as visitors to the area. As part of the work there will be new cycle parking for the community to use as well as a cinema, shops, restaurants, and offices.

Planning permission was granted by Southwark Council for the project to go ahead. This followed a long period of consultation in which the planner, Meyer Bergman, sought advice from various stakeholders. The idea was to ensure that the development met the needs of the community as well as providing useful new space for businesses. The opinions of stakeholders were considered and incorporated into the project. This can be seen in the development of pedestrian lanes and the infrastructure.

At Finefair we have a great deal of experience with property investment in Southwark. We help all kinds of investors find the perfect properties, offering useful advice and support. We are excited about this new project for the Borough and the extra attractions it will offer to property owners and residents. It could have a positive impact on prices in the area, particularly if it stimulates new demand for homes.