Regenerating formerly unpopular areas

Bayswater has experienced an amazing turn of fortunes over the last few years. Once considered to be on the wrong side of Hyde Park, and renowned as a location for low budget hotels and run down bedsits, the area is now being transformed. In the 20th Century many of the beautiful Victorian properties were split up into different properties or made into bed and breakfasts. This trend has been reversed recently with many developers stepping in to improve homes in the area.

One of the most impressive projects in the area will see the development of 34 properties. The first phase of the project will see a collection of two bedroom apartments and three bedroom town houses enter the market. These are intended for completion in the spring. The second phase will then take place with a target of having all of the properties ready for the spring 2016.

Across the area there are 13 different developments taking place totalling 137 new homes. Over the last two years the postcode has seen fantastic growth and continues to be a haven for investors. The work on residential properties is part of a larger regeneration project covering a large section of the Paddington Basin. This includes regenerating the majority of shops on the high street as well as other projects on transport links and public buildings.

Investing in properties in London is tricky, particularly in terms of choosing the right area. With high prices in popular boroughs more people are looking at areas that would formerly be overlooked, including places like Bayswater. These locations provide the highest potential returns, because there is more room for prices to grow in the future.

When searching for investment properties in Wandsworth or any other area of the capital, it is a great idea to have a specialist at your side to help you choose the right locations to buy houses in, particularly if you are actively looking to improve your portfolio. We are well equipped to help you in this regard and offer a comprehensive range of services for investors. Whatever your needs we will do all we can to meet them.