Creating customer strategies and enhancing engagement

When it comes to public housing, it is the residents who matter. It’s vital to provide them with good quality homes, and local authorities need to be constantly kept abreast of the residents’ needs and wants. We are able to provide extensive help and advice for the public sector as well as domestic clients and private landlords, working with a number of local authorities and housing associations. We offer consultancy services which are designed to assist you with delivering the best possible service to the residents using your housing.

Our customer strategies and resident engagement consultancy services will help you to engage the residents using your housing more effectively. In doing so, your services can be so much more efficient and your residents will be a lot more pleased with what you offer, reducing the risks of problems or disputes. We help to develop a better relationship between the relevant authority and their residents, making for a much more effective service for all parties involved. We can also help develop an effective and productive customer relationship management strategy. We assist with creating specific customer service offerings, allowing your service to target specific needs of your customers, and we can also help you to create and manage customer segments.

With our consultancy services, public sector housing providers including local authorities and housing associations will find estate management so much easier. Our clients will be able to deliver greater customer value, and will also be able to manage all residents in a much easier way. With our consultancy services, all clients within the public service can benefit from professional help delivered by the experts in customer and property management. From London to the Midlands, all those who use our services will receive nothing less than the best possible care. If you require us for estate management in Waltham Forest and the rest of London, or for any other property-related services, don’t hesitate to get in touch for further information.