Regenerating the Alton estate in Wandsworth

Across various parts of the capital investments are being made in improving the quality of council housing. Many of the estates were built post-war and the homes are now nearing the end of their lifecycle. The redevelopment is also freeing up space for new properties, allowing councils to go some way towards meeting demands for homes.

The Alton estate in Roehampton took a step forward in its development with the selection of Redrow as the preferred bidder. They will work with the local council on the project, regenerating the houses on parts of the 16 acre site. The property investment in Wandworth will be great for the area.

The plan for the Alton estate is to create 1,000 new private and affordable homes in the area over the next ten years. On top of this there a new library and health centre will be created and the retail space will double in size. Part of the site will become a new park, creating more open green space for residents to enjoy.

Redrow will play a very important role in the project. As well as delivering the new homes they will also aim to offer jobs, training, and apprenticeships to residents. A wide array of different roles will be created as part of the project and it will be great that local people will benefit from them.

The regeneration of the Alton estate has been a key priority for the local council. It is great that they are moving on with the property investment in Wandsworth and looking to improve the quality of housing whilst also creating more new homes. The process was initially launched in March 2016 so the selection of Redrow as the preferred bidder is the culmination of a year long process.

At Finefair we have seen numerous councils across London taking on the regeneration of dated housing estates. The projects breathe new life into areas and can help to improve not just the standards but also attitudes towards areas in general. The work could make more people look at the area when they consider property investment as a result.