Artists can drive development in areas

London has always been attractive to people in creative industries, whether it is fashion, product design, or art. In fact it is this creativity that has driven development in a number of locations over the years. In the 1960 Notting Hill was a hot spot for artists, creating a thriving community. This attracted other buyers and investors to the area.

The same as above happened in Shoreditch in the 90s and again in Hackney in the 00s. Each of the three areas was established as a creative area attractive to artists but drew other people in too. As a result in each case the artists were forced to move on to a new location as prices were driven up out of their reach.

Some councils in London have seen the value in creating opportunities for artists in their Boroughs. The hope is that by securing affordable living space for these creative individuals the area can become the next big hotspot.

Barking and Dagenham got involved with the above recently when they announced the creation of an “artists’ enterprise zone”. The pilot housing scheme will offer combined homes and studio space with rents set at between 60% and 70% market rate. As part of the scheme the artists who take up the homes will be asked to get involved with community art projects. This will create a more thriving community.

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