Reducing the risk of higher insurance expenses with block management

Block management can prove to be invaluable to property investors who own several properties in an area. The right service can deliver fantastic savings as well as ensuring that each individual house is managed to the same high standard. Additionally organisation, reporting, and meeting obligations can become far more efficient by having a single company looking after each asset.

Typically as the number of properties in an investment portfolio increases so too do the challenges in managing them effectively due to the increased workload. That is of course if you don’t work with a reliable, highly experienced company. Finefair is just that and provides a flexible block management service in and around Hillingdon.

One thing that can rise substantially when portfolios increase is the outgoings on building insurance. Each property needs to be insured and given the protection it deserves. The costs rise more if claims need to be made. Luckily the services that we offer can keep the need for claims down by ensuring the maintenance is done to the highest standard.

The key to keeping on top of the maintenance of portfolios of properties is to conduct risk assessments, examining each property carefully. The information uncovered can be used to schedule inspections and repairs going forward. Several aspects of properties need to be given particular attention including roofs, gutters, floors, and water systems.

There are a number of additional things you can do to cut the risk of incurring high repair costs. For example you can show tenants how to turn off water and electricity in the property in the event of a problem. Frequent inspections including checks of drains inside and outside the property can help too.

If you would like a professional block management service we can certainly provide just that for you. We have established relationships with maintenance specialists and will ensure every single property is maintained properly. We work hard to deliver the best savings to each and every client.

Have any questions about property management? Don’t hesitate to contact us to find answers.