Taking note of how council properties are awarded

Hounslow Council recently stated that they plan to move away from the current choice-based lettings system (CBL). In its place they will go back to an allocation scheme because they believe it will make better use of their resources.

Choice-based lettings were introduced to allow people to bid for council properties they were interested in online. They could therefore avoid being put forward for homes that didn’t meet their needs. Additionally it became possible to check online at any point to have a look at available houses.

The CBL system has caused a few issues though. Hounslow Council reported that a huge 44% of the people on the waiting list for properties were “ineffective bidders”. This meant they did not follow through with bids after making them. Each time a bid is withdrawn it results in wasted resources, including the time of officers. It can also slow down the process of awarding a property as each bid must be considered.

Several councils across the UK have decided to move away from choice-based lettings. Hounslow Council is the first in Greater London but it could be followed by others if they are having issues with the scheme too.

At Finefair we specialise in council leasing, offering services across Hounslow and every other Borough in the capital. We understand the benefits this kind of letting offers, both to landlords and the local authorities too. As a result we are proud to promote it and help both parties get the very best.

With council leasing it is wise to look at how properties are awarded to tenants. This can have an impact on the frequency of tenancies. Although with council leasing the responsibility is on the local authority to find tenants and keep on top of upkeep, many property owners are happier when their properties are occupied rather than standing empty. This means they want the council to use the most efficient awarding scheme.

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