Redbridge Council is promoting more affordable housing

In July Redbridge Council joined the number of local authorities cracking down on developers that don’t create enough affordable housing. They rejected a planning application for a 25 storey building in Ilford that only offered 12 affordable homes out of a total of 124. A housing officer remarked that the proposal was not in line with the planning policy and therefore was not acceptable.

This is the second time a plan for the site in Ilford town centre has encountered problems. An initial proposal was made to build a hotel on the site and eight affordable homes in 2008. At the time the current planning policy was not in place and permission was granted. The project did not proceed though and other plans for the site have come forward. Although they create more affordable homes than initially planned, the policy now requires a much higher percentage.

It will be interesting to see what new plans are presented for the site in the future. Some councillors agreed to the latest proposal because it offered some affordable homes. It remains an attractive piece of land in a great location. Developers just need to ensure they find a way to comply with the planning policy if they want to get permission to begin work.

Redbridge is growing into a very popular Borough because of its location in north east London. The area has good transport links on the Central Line and is also home to several award winning parks and open spaces. Shopping and leisure attractions in the area are good too and families love the well-performing schools.

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