Doing business in Richmond Upon Thames

Richmond has established a reputation as one of the best Boroughs in the whole of London for businesses to operate in. The statistics for theft related crime involving commercial premises also showcase that the area is the safest.

Data compiled by the London Metropolitan Police Service reveals that in the year to June 2017 there were 48,650 reported cases of theft from and burglary of commercial properties in the capital. Richmond Upon Thames had the lowest number with just 680. This was six times lower than the City of Westminster (4,426), the worst Borough for this kind of crime.

In 2015 a survey was done to see what local businesses and start-ups thought about doing business in Richmond Upon Thames. The key benefits highlighted were;

The advantage of easy access to customers and markets
Great transport links to ease commuting
An attractive local environment

Of the 450 businesses asked 44% reported that there were no disadvantages to doing businesses in the Borough. Those who reported barriers pointed at things like competition and lack of demand. One important issue that a fifth of businesses had was the trouble of finding the right premises.

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