Protecting against category one hazards

Landlords or managing agents are responsible for ensuring that properties are in a habitable condition. If they fail to do so they could face prosecution from the local council. This could come in the form of huge fines and formal cautions that they must improve standards.

The most important things to look out for are regarded as category one hazards. They include things like damp, mould, leaking windows or roofs, poor electrical safety, gas leaks, and even infestations of pests. Each of these issues could have a severe impact on the health and wellbeing of inhabitants.

Local councils across the capital are doing more to crack down on rogue landlords and agents to help raise standards in the private rental sector. This comes because a record high 2 million plus people now live in privately rented accommodation in London. The authorities understand that many people are responsible when managing properties and do the right things. It is a much smaller number that fail to do so but this puts a black mark against the whole industry.

Greenwich Council recently took a landmark step to improve the situation in the Borough. This comes after new data revealed that 230 category one hazards were reported regarding properties in the area.

In response the council issued a new licensing scheme in October that makes it harder for people to convert properties into HMOs. Before the move only larger homes needed to be licensed but this has now changed. An Article 4 Direction removed permitted development rights for smaller properties, ensuring that each conversion must gain planning permission. This means the local authority can check plans and ensure that the property will have the right facilities for the inhabitants and not be converted in an unsafe manner.

At Finefair we know the responsibilities landlords and managing agents have and always work to meet requirements. We have become the best team for estate management Greenwich has because we can manage them in a way that protects against hazards. We achieve very high standards and always behave in a professional manner.

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