Hoxton can offer wonderful investment potential

Hoxton has become a prime neighbourhood because of its location just to the north of the City of London and the fantastic amenities it has to offer. The cool bars and restaurants attract professionals, particularly those from the finance and technology fields. Families also love the area due to the good schools. As a result it is home to some of the most valuable investment properties Hackney has to offer.

Over the years Hoxton has gone through some very interesting periods. It was initially largely farm and marshland. In Tudor times it became a popular spot for leisure, offering public gardens that were a pleasant change from the crowded city centre. In this period the area also became home to some very large manor houses.

The Gunpowder Plot is one of the most famous pieces of British history and is forever linked to Hoxton. This is because one of the conspirators, Francis Tresham, lived in the area. He was also the cousin of Robert Catesby, the mastermind of the plot.

The role Tresham played in the plot is still debated to this day. It is claimed he provided finance for the conspirators, although there is some doubt about this. Perhaps more importantly he is believed to have written the letter delivered to William Parker, 4th Baron Monteagle, on 26th October 1605 that revealed the plan. The Baron was his brother-in-law and was warned not to attend Parliament.

The arrival of the railway in the Victorian era meant the number of people visiting Hoxton to escape the city centre fell dramatically. The area became working class, seeing a huge transformation from its former popularity.

The 1980s saw a huge transformation of the area. This is when it became home to a collective of young artists, several of whom would go on to become world renowned. Hoxton ultimately became the centre of contemporary art in London after the turn of the Millennium and saw huge gentrification.

Now the area has a property scene and popularity similar to Shoreditch but benefits from slightly lower prices. This is very attractive to buyers. Investors have good opportunities because there is strong rental demand from professionals who work in the City.

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