Property managers must understand their responsibilities

A recent news story showcased just how important it is to choose the right property management in the City of Westminster. Both the landlord and the company managing the properties have a responsibility to ensure that the homes are safe for habitation. If they fail to do that they could face huge fines.

The story we are referring to is the record fine for a property management company for breaching health and safety regulations. The managers and the corporate landlord received a £250,000 fine plus £49,500 in prosecution costs after a blaze broke out at two 19th century homes in Eccleston Square, Westminster.

The fire spread through the property, leaving two people trapped on the roof and four on the third floor. An additional seven people had to be led from the property by the fire brigade. Around 60 fire fighters attended the fire and it is only thanks to their efforts that no lives were lost.

The reason the fire was so severe and put everybody in the property at risk was that the landlord and property managers had ignored so many fire safety failings. Firstly the property had not undergone a fire safety assessment. This meant that information about hazards was not to hand and no steps had been taken to boost safety. On top of this no fire alarms or detection system was installed in public areas or the flats themselves. Thirdly doors for the flats were not adequate enough to protect the escape route.

The judge and assistant commissioner of the London Fire Brigade both condemned the failings of the landlord and property management company. They claimed they took no action, even after they were aware of the issues and lack of safety system.

The story showcases why it is important that every landlord and property manager be aware of their responsibilities towards their tenants. If they don’t they leave the inhabitants at risk and could face huge fines as a result.

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